Monday, September 15, 2014

For the Mamas

Hi Y'all!! So since this is my first post I want to share a little about myself and what I want my blog to be. I'm 23, single, a nursing student, an overachiever, a passionate lover of family and friends, a Merchandiser for a great company called Chloe + Isabel, and a student nurse. I love to cook, go to the beach, read, pin all the pins, go to church, try new things, and live life to the fullest. But do you know what my favorite thing to do is? My favorite thing that I am, that beats out all the other titles I give myself? A MAMA! I'm the mommy of a wonderful little 3 year old girl. She's such a diva, and she's smart, and sometimes she drives me a little crazy, but she's the best part of my world and the best thing about me! I've found myself thinking a lot lately about what a blessing she is, but also how scary it is to raise her in this world. What if I do something wrong? What if I can't protect her from everything? My favorite thing about the hard times in motherhood is all the love and support I get from my mommy friends. That's what I want this to be about. It's for the mamas! The mamas who love being mamas and just want to get it right (in our own unique ways!). I see so many people, mamas included, criticizing each other on the Internet, and it makes me so sad! Why can't we lift each other up? Motherhood is the very best thing in the world, but it's hard without the support of our mama friends! I have some AMAZING mommy friends that I would be totally lost without and I hope I can introduce them one day. I know this blog is just getting started, but please anyone who comes across this, feel free to comment and reach out and chat. We're all friends here :) If you need a mommy friend, some encouragement, or even some prayer, you've come to the right place!