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Hi Y'all!

My name is Katie. I'm 24 and the mama of a wonderful little three year old girl, Reagan. She is my whole world! I'm passionate about caring for others, my faith in God and my Savior Jesus Christ, and about being the best mama I can be. So, I made a blog to show others my messy wonderful life as I try to make sense of it and make the most of it!

She is quite the little fashionista...

...but she's also not afraid to play in the mud with our dogs. In fact, that's one of her favorite things to do! She loves dancing, playing pirates, and keeping Mommy busy!

We live on the tiny little Eastern Shore of Virginia. We're surrounded by water, so naturally we take advantage of that year-round.

We live with my grandmother and grandfather, my mom, and my brother; but my aunts, uncles, and cousins visit often, so we have quite a full house almost all the time! I also have a stepdad, and his children are my brother and sister. Family and faith are very important to me, and I try to keep that at the heart of everything that I do, and pass that along to Reagan as well. We may not be your typical family, but we love each other very much and it seems to work out for us.

I am a nursing student and very passionate about the career I am pursuing. It does get frustrating at times, but we need good nurses who care about people, and I can't wait to do just that.

I am also a Merchandiser for a great company called Chloe + Isabel. The jewelry we sell is gorgeous and so high quality that it all comes with a lifetime guarantee! You can check out my online boutique here.

Thanks so much for visiting my page and feel free to follow, share, and interact with me!



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