Thursday, March 3, 2016

What Happened in My First Month of Plexus

Starting out, I was such a skeptic. Did you read my post about all the changes I was making in January? Plexus was one of them. I would take it for a few days and then forget for a few, but I finally decided to really give it my best shot. For the entire month of February I took my Plexus Slim and Xfactor multivitamin every morning. I didn't expect it to be any different than the other times 3 times I had tried it. 

Of course, I didn't give it my best those times either. I would start taking it, trying to cut out Red Bull and then later coffee. I've suffered from Lyme Disease symptoms since 2008, which include joint pain, fatigue, migraines, brain fog, forgetfulness, just to name a little bit. For some people who get Lymes, those symptoms don't go away. I went undiagnosed for over a year, and the symptoms improved when I was treated, but they've been very much chronic since then. My sweet friend who first told me about Plexus had been through a very similar situation and she had found incredible relief through Plexus products, not to mention the fact that she's a work at home mom now because she became a Plexus Ambassador. 

So anyway, I've been silently suffering all this time, and this year I'm ready for changes. Here's what has happened in the last month:

*I'm not in constant pain

*I can concentrate so much better

*My memory is improving

*My horrendous allergies I've had since I was a child are nonexistent at the moment,,, and we even have flowers blooming inside the house! I'm just imagining what this is going to mean for my asthma this year. I usually have a trip to the ER for asthma every Spring!

*I have a healthy control over my appetite. I don't want to graze all hours of the day. I do occasionally snack, but most of the time I just don't want anything!

*I don't get blood sugar swings between meals. Usually if I go too long without eating I feel shaky and weak and I have this need to snack just to make that feeling go away, but not anymore.

* I have energy!! This is huge!

*I lost 3 lbs. This is without changing my diet or exercise at all!

*I lost inches in every measurement I took except calves. That's neck, upper arm, waist, hips, and thigh!

Please keep in mind that this is just my personal experience with Plexus Slim and Xfactor, and experiences will vary. Plexus is a line of supplements, and does not claim to cure or treat any disease or condition because supplements are not regulated by the FDA.

I have Hashimoto's Thyroid Disease, and this gives me a very sluggish metabolism, takes even more of my energy, and makes it so hard for me to lose weight and so easy to gain. I have had to keep steadily increasing my medication for this since becoming pregnant with Reagan in 2010, so I'm very excited to see in a couple weeks how my levels are doing and if there has been any change.

I'm also going to be trying a couple more Plexus products in addition to my normal Slim and Xfactor repertoire. And increasing my exercise because I have the energy to do this now! 

I am so blessed to have experienced these health improvements. Now I am able to share these products with others as well because a couple weeks into this new Plexus journey, I decided to take the leap and become a Plexus Ambassador myself! One of the biggest drivers of my team is "If you are blessed, be a blessing!" How amazing is that?

If you are looking to improve your health, step up your health game, or join my team, please contact me and visit my website:

I'll definitely be keeping y'all updated on my experience with these products and this company!

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