Friday, October 31, 2014

Halloween... Was It Happy?

One of the most reliable things in parenting that never ever fails is that things WILL NOT go as planned! That has been one of my biggest struggles since my little one was born. This is especially true of holidays. I buy lots of supplies for baked goods and activities in the weeks leading up to any given holiday.  I pin all year in preparation for all the things I want to get accomplished. Now Halloween has rolled around and with 50 minutes left, I have used almost none of what I bought and done almost none of what I pinned!

There was a time when this really would have stressed me out. What a waste of time and money I would have thought! I have to save all these things for a whole year before I can use them again! But right now I feel like Halloween has been thoroughly celebrated. And I am content with the fact that we enjoyed the things we were able to do, and I will not let myself stress about the things that did not get done.

If you're too busy doing THINGS, you aren't enjoying the holidays and making MEMORIES. I've come to realize so many things are really more about quality than quantity. My little Rapunzel has a smile on her face and candy in her belly, and she just informed me that this was the best Halloween ever! She's not going to remember the things we didn't do. She's going to remember that Mommy took her to visit our friends at a campground and go trick or treating. She has memories of a special Mommy and Reagan trip to our permanent site at another campground, where we read Halloween stories, had a special night together, and then went out for a Halloween themed breakfast, just the two of us. She's also going to remember Halloween night itself, when we spent time with friends and family, went to a bounce house, and she was the most adorable little Rapunzel ever. 

With the holiday season coming up I feel like it's more important than ever to remember that we don't have to be superheroes and get everything done and do every little project that we would like to. Be realistic about it, and most importantly, have fun making memories with your babies!! 

My last little bit of advice is, don't save everything for a special occasion. Life is a special occasion! Some of these unfinished Halloween projects are going to be done in the next week or two in this house, and that's okay! Life is for the living and the celebrating. Also, some of the Halloween things I bought are perishable and won't last a whole year :) let's be for real y'all!

Did you get everything accomplished in time for Halloween that you had planned? Were you still happy with how your holiday turned out? Let me know!



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