Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Rough Patches

What a hard week this has been. Reagan has hit a bit of a tantrum spell. Possibly she can sense the tension around her and her bad moods are feeding off of that. It's bound to happen when 7 people live in one house, but that doesn't make it fun ;)
She's also turning 4 one week from today! Super exciting because her party is Saturday and we have made it through the age of 3, but also bittersweet because my "baby" is starting preschool in the fall! If I could just hit pause for a little while I would be so tempted. She's so much fun right now, and I am really enjoying this age so much. But I also know our bond will continue to grow :)
There has been so much to do for school and the nursing program this week also. I am picking up with the rest of my nursing classes starting in the fall, so I have to a lot to do to prepare for that and for the simulation lab I'll have to do this coming month to test back into the class. It's a little frustrating to have to retake a lab that I've already passed, but it's also good to have that practice and refresh my memory. I can't believe it's been almost a year since my last lab and clinical!
My sweet cousin was pregnant and we knew she would be due a few weeks after Reagan's birthday, but she had preeclampsia as her pregnancy progressed and this past week it became severe. My new baby "niece" is still in the NICU and her mama is taking it pretty hard so please keep them in your prayers! I actually chose preeclampsia as a research topic weeks ago and had to study it after Taylor's birth, so that was really hard knowing everything that my cousin has been through and what the future could hold.
All of this has made for some very stressful times around our house! Fortunately I have God, coffee, and long chats with dear friends to keep me sane ;) I don't need to have it all figured out or fix everything because He knows His plans for me and for everyone I love. The ultimate stress reliever for me is being able to take a deep breath and give it all to God. All my burdens and worries and fears, He says He will help carry them. I'm not in life alone, all I have to do is trust Him. What sweet relief that is.
How do you unwind in hard times? COMMENT below!
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