Sunday, November 23, 2014

Thanksgiving Madness

We have up to 7 Marines coming to Thanksgiving dinner and staying with us next week whom none of us have ever met. Sounds crazy right? Add in the fact that we normally have 20 or more people in the family at our gatherings, and it sounds more crazy!

My cousin is a Marine and we have a long history of military service in all branches in our family, so the fact that we have the ability and the heart to open our home to these men who serve our country makes me so happy! My family has such a heart for others and so much to be thankful for, so it really drives home the meaning of the holiday.

Now this is all a recipe for mayhem, but to top it off my grandmother is having a cardiac catheterization done on Tuesday. Yes, two days before Thanksgiving dinner. My grandmother, my wonderful grandmother, who cooks nearly every dish for every family dinner. My grandmother who goes even more above and beyond for special holidays like Thanksgiving and Christmas.

So how are we going to make all this happen?? I'm not sure yet, haha, but I did start making treats yesterday so I don't have to cook it all in two days. I attempted Oreo truffles with orange candy melt coating and fall sprinkles. This is how they turned out:

Don't worry, they taste better than they look! Thank God! I just couldn't get the consistency of the candy melts right! And I was even using a Wilton melting pot!! And then I ran out of the orange concoction and resorted to the partial bag of left over birthday cake flavored candy melts... Not my finest work :)

But on the bright side, I got to make treats with my little girl, we're all happy, we're mostly healthy, and we have lots of love and food to share with some special people who can't make it to their families for Thanksgiving, so I'd say we're doing pretty darn good! How are y'all getting ready for Thanksgiving?



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