Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Women Attacking Women

Twice in the last week I have seen people I know on Facebook post statuses attacking other women for "getting themselves pregnant on purpose" among other things. Now I know I got A's in Anatomy and Physiology, but are there really that many people who don't understand basic human anatomy?? These people are WOMEN attacking other women. WHY? Are we not all in this together? This womanhood thing and all it entails?

This is really a two part issue. I take serious offence pregnancy blame. I am a single mother, and no my daughter's conception was not planned and motherhood has not been a walk in the park with a husband by my side, but that does not have any effect whatsoever on her validity as a human being and a child of God and a cherished, most wonderful little blessing to myself and the rest of our family and friends. It does not reflect in the slightest any determination of the supreme amount of love and adoration I feel for the tiny human I created or the awesome responsibility of motherhood that I fully respect and embrace.

Now I realize that not every single mother's situation is like this. I was blessed with an incredibly supportive family and a heart that loves deeply. There are mothers (both married and single, mind you) out there who lack the support and nurturing personalities to be good parents to their children.

But one thing that I can say I have in common with every mother in the entire world is that it took SPERM for me to be impregnated. Folks, this did not happen magically. Trust me. It is physically impossible for me to do this by myself or to myself or on purpose. Just as it is for any other woman out there. So the idea of blaming one person for a pregnancy when it clearly takes two to tango is ludicrous. Pregnancy blame is stupid and makes no sense, so stop it y'all!

The second part to this issue is why in the world do girls have it out for each other?? Let's all be friends and get along, okay? Seriously though. I've been a young girl and I can remember the catty mean girls and the things they said and judged other girls for. I have a daughter who loves everyone and is so sweet and accepting of people, and I don't ever want her to think that it is okay to try to verbally attack someone, especially simply for the fact that they are female. I also don't want some other girl to come along and be hateful and rude and crush her spirit!

Y'all, we are raising our girls to be the versions of us they see when we think they aren't looking. It's not "do as I say not as I do." They're going to act the way they see us acting. So is your daughter being told to play nice, but then hearing your snarky comments about the other moms at play group from the safe confines of your own car? What's she going to think when she reads all your Facebook comments and subtweets one day?

Let's be honest, none of us are perfect. I know I'm not. And sometimes people do things that really irk me, and I can't keep it in. I have to vent about it. All I'm saying is we should try to be a little nicer and more understanding of one another, especially our fellow women. Take the high road and set a better example for our girls. Let's lead by example.

I'm doing it for my daughter, and for yours.



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