Monday, November 3, 2014

You Can Fly!

Here's a little Monday morning inspiration for those who need it! I know I sure do! 

Don't be afraid to fly! 

My last post talked about some of the big changes I'm making involving going back to cosmetology school and switching professions. That's huge and scary!

But today I'm starting a 30 Day Health Challenge! I'm doing it with a group on Facebook, but I do want to share some of what I'm doing an learning on here too. 

We're all weighing ourselves and measuring arms, thighs, waist, hips, and chest first thing this morning so we can track our progress. A notebook dedicated to your health journey is a great place to do this, because you can also vent in your journal if you're stuck or struggling. If you're more tech savvy, there are lots of apps available like the new Health app from Apple, Lose It!, or Weight Watchers. I'm doing Weight Watchers to monitor my eating, in conjunction with yoga, walking, eating clean, and lots of prayer for strength. 

For breakfast this morning I had two cups of coffee with Splenda and fat free half and half, and a berry breakfast smoothie using frozen berries and a chocolate Quaker Breakfast Shake. 

In anything challenging, even if you're just trying to make this week a good one, Happy Monday, and good luck! With the right amount of effort and prayer, you can fly!



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